What is Data Warehouse?


Data warehouse is a Warehouse of data. Place where all the data kept

In real time, it may be possible that a company or a business maintain their data via more than one system. Let’s takean example of an organization called ABC organization. It maintain Employee related information in Sql Server database, Client information in Excel, Sales and Purchase information is Oracle DB. Now information/knowledge generation  involves three steps.

  • Gathering data from all of these subsystems.
  • Applying some computation on all of these data – Data retrieved from each data source will be analysed for information and may be clubbed together.
  • Finally displaying them in an easy to understand format.

More the data is scattered more complex data retrieval becomes and more time will be taken to generation information/knowledge.

To solve this problem, industry identified a solution called Data warehouse. It’s going to be a simple database like Oracle, Sql or any other.

All the data maintained inside different sub systems in different format will be retrieved and converted into a common format and stored into this data warehouse. It became the first step in Business intelligence process. Data stored inside this Data Warehouse becomes source for the Information creation. Instead of analysing data in each data source, simply Data Warehouse data will be analysed.


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