Data Structure?

What is a Data Structure?

  • A data structure is a systematic (or programmatic) way of organizing (or storing) the data, so that the data can be used efficiently.


  • A data structure is a collection (grouping) of simple or structured data types and a set of rules (operations) for organizing and accessing the collection.


  • A logical way of storing data and it also define mechanism of retrieve data.

Data Structure Types?

  • Linear : Data organize in a linear manner where data elements attached one after the other (i.e data items are placed in the memory contiguously).
    • Array
    • Stack
    • Queue
    • Linked List
  • Non – Linear : Data organize in a random manner where data elements are attached one to many (i.e a data item is connected to several other data items).
    • Tree
    • Graph

Possible Operations?

  • Traversing : Accessing each data item exactly once so that it can be processed.
  • Searching : Finding the location of the data item if it exists in the given collection of data items.
  • Insertion : Add a new data item in the structure.
  • Deletion : Removing a data item from the structure.
  • Sorting : Arranging the data items in some order.
  • Merging : Combine two data structures into one.


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