Bootstrap .woff2 fonts not getting loaded correctly ?

If you are also facing the issue of not loading bootstarp .woff2 fonts and getting errors in browser console window. Then this article may be useful for you.

It happens due to the server’s not configured for┬áMIME type ‘woff’ or ‘woff2’. We can easily fix this issue by just adding MIME type to the server either using IIS manager or web.config file.

Using IIS Manager-

  1. open IIS manager
  2. Features View -> MIME Types
  3. Actions -> Add
  4. You will see add MIME Type box and put woff2 extension in the file extension “.woff2”
  5. and MIME type as “application/font-woff2” as well.

Using web.config file-

		<remove fileExtension=".woff2" />
		<mimeMap fileExtension=".woff2" mimeType="application/font-woff2" />

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