Create an EXE or Setup File in .NET Windows Application

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Hi .NET Architects!

Visual Studio Setup and deployment Projects provides to make an executable or installer file in .NET windows application is easy and rapidly.

Visual Studio provides templates for four types of deployment projects: Merge Module Project, Setup Project, Web Setup Project, and Cab Project. In addition, a Setup wizard is provided to help step you through the process of creating deployment projects. You can see the templates and the wizard in the New Project dialog box under the Setup and Deployment Projects node.

The following are guidelines for choosing the right type of deployment project for your project.

1)Merge Module Project : Packages components that might be shared by multiple applications.

2)Setup Project : Builds an installer for a Windows-based application.

3)Web Setup Project : Builds an installer for a Web application.

4)Cab Project: Creates a cabinet file for downloading to a legacy Web…

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